NOTICE RE: Tax Collecting During COVID-19

Windham Town Tax Collector

County/Town Tax bills are mailed out by the printer the last week of December. Tax payments are due in full, without penalty, no later than January 31st. Payments from February 1 through July 31,add an additional 1% per month. On August 1, tax bills are returned to the Greene County Treasurer for collection with additional fees and penalties added to the balance due.

We do not accept partial payments. If we receive more than one check per parcel, those checks will be returned to you and we will request only one check be issued for full payment for a parcel. You can pay multiple parcels on one check.


  1. To view or pay tax bills online: https://egov.basgov/townofwindham

These databases operate better with less information rather than more. Only enter one piece of information. Yes, just ONE item. If you enter too much information, it will not work. Also, if paying online, please read the information explaining the vendor fees before you access your bill. When you get to your bill, click the “PAY FULL” button at the top right of the page. The payment page is time sensitive. Please have all your payment information ready prior to clicking on “PAY FULL”. You will then be brought to a secure credit card payment page. Payments are accepted during the collection year ONLY (January to July).

  • To pay in personDUE TO COVID-19, NO IN PERSON tax payments will be accepted. For your convenience, there is a secure depository box located outside the office of Katherine Murray, CPA, 134 County Route 12, Windham, NY
  • Mail – Katherine Murray, Tax Collector, PO Box 214, Hensonville, NY 12439-0214

A Word About Postmarks

NYS Real Property Law states that we must respect the postmark on payments. Therefore, when you pay your taxes near the end of a month MAKE SURE the post office staff stamps the envelope in your presence which will guarantee the postmark! A postage meter stamp is not an acceptable form of a postmark. We do not accept the date on the check either. If payment is received with a postmark after the month ends and your payment does not include the applicable additional interest, we will return the payment to you. You will need to write a new check for the proper amount. PLEASE NOTE-IF PAYING VIA YOUR ONLINE BANKING, SCHEDULE PAYMENTS AT LEAST 10 DAYS PRIOR TO DUE DATE, AS THESE ENVELOPES ARRIVE WITHOUT A POSTMARK AND SUBJECT TO PENALTY IF RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 31.

Please note the duties of the tax collector is to collect tax payments. The Assessor makes property assessments, STAR, senior exemptions, Veteran exemption, address changes, and deed changes. Richard Tollner can be reached at Town Hall 518-734-4566. The Greene County Treasurer forecloses on properties for unpaid taxes.


School Tax is handled by a separate collector.

Dawn Hitchcock, School Tax Collector (Windham-Ashland-Jewett CSD)
(518) 734-6611 September and October only
Mailing address is PO Box 157, Windham, NY 12496
To view your School tax bill online: